Monday, February 7, 2011


As promised heres some pics of the first cave ive found on this world
Entrance - found about 12 blocks above bedrock

I haven't explored the whole thing but ive already found about 8 diamond, 2 sources for obsidian and a lot of iron along with some gold and redstone 

Unfortunately this the last of my pics as my photo sesh was interrupted by a skeleton archer in a section of caves i hadn't yet explored yet shooting down on me. Tried taking him out but i was out of swords and as you can see my healths already pretty low at this point. Ill be back for revenge later...until then ill end with my spawn point which I at least got an opportunity to get a pic of

Thanks for reading! Any  cave exploration tales to tell? As always any comments are appreciated!

Hey guys

Have time for a really quick blog between classes, im gonna start posting some songs ive been listening to lately partly just to share them but also hoping people will comment with similar stuff so i can add to my library!
Been listening to a lot of kid cudi lately,  heres some of my favorite tracks

^^First time trying to embed a video so i hope this works
If anyone has similar artist/tracks to share, post em! Any feedback also appreciated

Sunday, February 6, 2011

My mineshaft

Love this game, but it gets a little repetitive a couple thousand cobblestone blocks in lol. Well Heres my new mineshaft, its in the building from my last post

I usually only mine 2 squares wide until i get around iron level

Goes all the way down to bedrock with plenty of hallways in between! found 2 separate caves so far, in my next post ill try exploring them and showing you guys what i find. Thanks for reading! If you have some good mining techniques or anything feel free to comment!

My wheat farm

Heres what I started so far underneath - it makes more wheat then enough for now but once im finished ill probably try expanding it. to the right is a little area i left as grass so animals will spawn so i don't have to leave my castle to get wool or pork, just in case im under siege by some skeleton archer army or something.

To the top right is a little room, the first shelter i built in this world, now it just has a workbench/furnace and my mineshaft inside. Once i get back from work ill do some mining as i still need a lot of cobblestone to finish this project and show you guys what I find. Any suggestions for my farm or castle in general? Any comments are really appreciated! Thanks for reading!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Its a start

Well right now its just a big room made of cobblestone. But once i get to mining again and get some stone im hoping to turn this into a castle, my first, which is strange as ive been playing this game for months lol. Its also has my underground farm and a small mine in the basement which ill take some pics of for my next entry. Anyone have any suggestions for the design, or just random stuff, feel free to comment!

My first entry!

Well heres my blog. Will hopefully get started later today. If you have any tips or suggestions let me know! Thanks!

- Mike